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•    Emergency Lock out service
•    Lock change
•    New lock installation
•    Lock repair
•    Lock replacement

Trust your home, your family and your possessions to the experts at EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™. Locked out? Don’t Panic, EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ technicians are available 24 hours to get you out of a jam.  Just Moved in?  Probably good idea to change out or rekey your locks. You never know who has a key. When it comes to the safety and security of your home you need a local professional, trustworthy locksmith. Our highly skilled, experienced technicians carry the latest equipment and tools, and a wide variety of locks and keys to get the job done right the first time. 

 Rekey Service

As soon as that door shuts you know it happened. You left your keys inside! You lost your keys at the grocery store. You have the key but’s it’s just not working, or unfortunately some sort of unexpected emergency came up whether it’s a roommate/tenant/spouse situation, could be a burglary. Whatever the case maybe, EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ is there to help. 

 High Security Locks

•    Rekey service
•    High security locks
•    Sliding glass door locks
•    Combination (Shabbos)


•    File cabinet locks
•    Lever handle sets
•    Deadbolts
•    Door knobs
•    Broken key extraction

Include But Not Limited To:

Whether You’re a homeowner, a tenant who’s leasing or renting, landlord, real estate agent or property manager, rekeying the home is a cost effective solution to “changing” the locks without changing the locks. Rekeying a lock or locks, is the process of changing out the tumblers (the insides) so the old key no longer works and now new one does.  The reality is, unless you personally rekeyed the locks, anybody could have a key to your house. From previous tenants, and owners, to contractors, the only way to be sure is to rekey your locks. 

 Emergency Lockout Service

Sometimes locks just stop working or don’t work right for one reason or another. The good news is because most residential locks in the United States are very similar and are usually made by only handful of companies, repairs and replacements are usually easy and not to expensive.  You could even just want to change your locks for decorative purposes. Whatever the situation, EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™’s experienced techs have got the best solution tailor made just for you.

•    Garage door locks
•    Window locks
•    Pool gate locks
•    Desk locks

 Lock Repairs/Replacement

All locks in America are graded by 3 levels by the America National Standards Institute (ANSI)and the Builders Hardware Manufacturers’ Association (BHMA). Grade 1 being the highest best quality, Grade 2 being medium quality, and grade 3 being the lowest.  Most residential locks in the U.S. fall into the lowest category of Grade 3. Some locks are cheap, poorly constructed knock offs that don’t even fall into any of these categories. In a nutshell, your home is extremely vulnerable to all forms of attack and break in, whether it’s picking it open, bumping it open or destroying or damaging the locks for entry. A High Security Lock is not only a Grade 1 lock, but is usually impossible to pick, bump, and almost impossible to drill open. Keys can only be made by licensed locksmiths. Although a High security lock can never stop a broken window or a broken down door, it can make the difference between a potential intruder to an actual intruder. Even if there is intruder, it can mean the difference between seconds and minutes, enough time to alert the authorities. Don’t take the chance with your loved ones. Call EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ today.

Residential Locksmith Services

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