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 Lock Replacement

Commercial locks are expensive. These locks in most cases cannot be found in your local hardware store. Some of them are special order. They can range greatly in price from as little as $35 to as much as several thousand dollars. Just like rekeying, repair your locks can be the cost effective alternative to replace your locks. Not all locks can be repaired. Some actually need replacing, but for the ones that can be saved and function properly, it will end up saving you a lot of money. 

Securing your place of business  is every business owner/manager’s concern. Whether it’s restricting or granting access, improving/upgrading security, or lock replacement or repair, you need a locksmith you can count on. Feel secure knowing that EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ is there for all of your commercial locksmith needs.

Just let go of an employee?

You never know what keys are floating around out there or who has them. Re-Keying your existing locks is a cost effective way to “change” the locks without actually changing the locks. Need more control? Replacing your existing locks with high security, restricted keys can prevent unauthorized duplication of your keys while at the same time stopping would be burglars. Whatever your commercial lock needs are, large or small, call one of our specialists at EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ today to discuss your security solutions.

The reality is most commercial locks on the market today are of the lowest quality and are very easy to pick open or force open, whether it’s a professional or an amateur. On top of that, the keys used for those locks can be copied at any hardware store. Although you should, if you don’t already, have an alarm system. High security locks are usually resistant to all forms of forced entry, nearly impossible to pick, are bump resistant, and have keys that can only be duplicated by locksmiths with a photo ID and registered signatures on file. EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ stocks all of the best brands from Medeco to Mul-T-Lock, Assa Alboy, Schlage Primus and more. 


•    High Security Locks
•    Proximity Key Cards
•    Anti-Theft/Bump 

      Resistant Locks
•    Panic Bars/Push Bars
•    Fire Rated Exit Devices
•    I/C Core Locks

 Lock Rekeying

For the locks that can’t be repaired, then quite obviously they will need replacing. Replacing that broken lock can mean the difference between a secure store, or opening your shop the next day to one that has been vandalized. EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ stocks many different locks and finishes to match our all of your security and cosmetic needs. Whatever we don’t stock we usually can get from our suppliers usually in the same day, and for those special order locks, EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ buys from vendors all over the U.S.  

Almost exactly like it sounds. A methodical, managed system of restricting or granting access to your place of business. Access control can be as little as one lock, door, or employee, to several hundred. The are many different options for or access control needs, from a master key system, to “buzzer system” with either a key card or an access code, to mechanical combination locks, to Interchangeable core locks (I/C). For the solutions that best suits your business needs, contact EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ today.

 Lock Installation

Whether you've lost or misplaced the keys, had an attempted break in, key broke off in the lock, or simply the lock isn't just working right, (Wooden doors. Aluminum glass doors. Metal Doors) EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ can get you in.

 Emergency lockout service

•    Medeco
•    Access Control
•    Key Copies
•    Padlocks 

•    Broken Key Extraction

•    Restricted/ 
    “Do Not Duplicate” Keys

Commercial Locksmith Services

 High Security Locks

 Master Key System

 Lock Repair

And Products Include But Not Limited To:

If you’re business that keeps cash on hand or that has sensitive documents that needs safekeeping, then having a safe is a must; but did you know that not all safes are equal? They come in a wide variety of shapes sizes and functions. Most people think safes are made to keep out the “bad guys”. Some safes are also designed to be fire rated. In the event of a fire, depending on the certification, a safe can keep money or documents safe for an extended period of time. In addition, some safes offer protection from water damage. Contact EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ today to discuss which safe option is best for you. 

•    Mechanical

      Combination Locks
•    Electronic Combination Locks
•    File Cabinet Locks
•    Safes
•    Mailbox Locks
•    Mul-T-Lock

Rekeying is the process of removing the old pins or tumblers which go to your old key, and replacing them with a new set of pins or tumblers which match a new set of keys. In other words, making a new key for the lock so the old key doesn’t work. Sometimes locks can range $35 upwards of a $200+; rekeying the lock is the cost effective way of “changing” the locks without actually having to change the locks.  

When might be a good time to rekey the locks? You just let go of an employee who didn’t return their key or you don’t want to take the chance an extra copy. Another time to get your locks rekeyed is when you first move into a building or just finished construction on a new building. Many different keys can be out there, from the previous tenants and their employees or if it’s a new building all of the construction crew, electricians, plumbers, contractors, cleaners, etc., who more than likely had a set of keys to access the building. Sometimes you might have an office with many different keys and you just want them all to match so you have one key. There are many different scenarios of when it’s probably a good idea to rekey the locks on your business. Call EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ today to discuss your options. 

As it was mentioned in the previous section “high security locks” lock bumping is an old locksmith trick of filing down a key that will pretty much open any lock if you know how to use it properly. There are countless videos online showing anybody how it’s done. Bump keys are readily available for purchase online. EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ can provide you with Bump resistant locks, so your business isn’t vulnerable to this form of entry. 

•    Emergency Lockout Service
•    Lock Re-Keying
•    Lock Repair
•    Lock Replacement
•    Lock Installation
•    Master Key System

 Access Control

 Lock Bumping

Have your own lock/s?  Need a lock installed where no lock already exists? Our skilled technicians at EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ got you covered.

Putting your locks on a master key system is a way to restrict and regulate access while at the same time having a master key that will be able to access anything. For instance, let’s say you have one office for Employee A and another office for Employee B. You Don’t want Employee A to have access to Employee B’s office and vice versa. You (as the manager or owner) can have Employee A’s office and Employee B’s office with two different keys that don’t match; however, you as the owner can have a 3rd key (the master key) which would be able to access both. It makes it easier to manage who has what keys. It also can narrow your key (the manager/owners key) to one.