High Security Keys

Whether it’s American classic, or the newest foreign car, EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ has got you covered! Our experienced technicians have the latest and greatest machines and tools to be able to make almost any car key on the road today. We stock a wide variety of keys. Whether it’s a plain metal key, a high security key (“laser cut” key), transponder “chipped” keys, remote keys, even the SMART/Proximity keys for the “push start” cars, EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ is standing by!

 Rekeying Locks

Locked out? Lost your keys? Key broken or ignition not turning? Attempted theft? All of these situations seem to come at the worst possible time… WHEN YOU’RE IN A HURRY!!! Don’t sweat it! EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ technicians are in your area ready to assist you with all of your automotive locksmith needs. At EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™, we’ve seen it all. Our techs have years of experience and use the most high-tech equipment on the market. With so many years makes and models of cars on the road today, and with ever evolving automotive technology, you need an automotive locksmith you can depend on.

Back in the 90’s, the automakers developed a security feature for the car that prevents theft. This feature is called and immobilizer system. In a nutshell, your car has a computer which tells the car when it can and can’t start. The car’s computer will let the car start when it recognizes an encrypted code that’s stored on a chip in your car key. If there is no signal or if it is the incorrect one, the car won’t start. EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ stocks almost every transponder key for almost every car on the road today. EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ also has the special computer equipment necessary to program these keys to your car’s computer.

• High Security Car Keys

• Fobs/Keyless Entry

• Vats Keys

 VATS Keys

 Transponder “Chipped” Keys

Some automakers made their locks with the high security feature making them harder to pick and or force over. The key usually looks like it has a weird squiggly line going through the middle. A special machine is needed to cut these keys. Not every locksmith has this machine, EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ does. We do Tibbe (Jaguar) keys too.

 Emergency Lockout Service

The newest technology to hit the market are cars that can start simply by pressing a button, and be unlocked just being in a close proximity to the vehicle. EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH can make these keys as well.

• Emergency Lockout Service

• Replace Lost Or Broken Car Keys

• Transponder “Chipped” Keys

• Program Keys

• Door Lock/ Ignition Lock


• Rekeying Locks

Ignition won’t turn? Attempted theft? Call EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ today. In the instances we can’t repair, EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ stocks wide variety of the most commonly used ignition and door lock cylinders on the market today.

Include But Not Limited To:

The first anti-theft system for a vehicle was developed by GM™ for the Corvette back in the 80’s. It works by recognizing the ohms on a resistor that’s embedded in the key. If it matches what’s registered in the car’s computer, the car starts, if it doesn’t, it won’t. Although not used anymore, some older cars on the road today use this technology. EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ stocks every VATS key and is also proficient in changing out VATS Ignitions.

 Replace Lost or Broken Car Keys

We’ve all had those “oops” careless moments where it slips our mind and we forget to take our keys out of the car (and yes, it happens to locksmiths too). EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ is here to save the day. With fast, accurate response times, upon arrival, EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ can have you back on the road in no time.

SMART/Intelligent/Proximity Keys

Just like a home or a business, sometimes it’s necessary to rekey the locks on your car. IT could be because of a domestic dispute, missing key, theft or attempted theft, etc., and the last thing you want is for that missing key to turn into that missing car. But unlike rekeying the locks on your home or business, not every locksmith can rekey a car. It requires someone who has a lot of experience and is highly skilled. EINSTEIN LOCKSMITH™ once again has got you covered!

 Door, Trunk , Ignition, Lock Repair or Replacement

Automotive Locksmith Services

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